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2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Coupe Review

c250 14

Before the C-Class Coupe, Mercedes-Benz attempted to fill the coupe niche with the C-Class Sport Coupe (CLC in other markets). With a hatchback body style and its high prices, the Sport Coupe proved unpopular with the buyers, specifically young adults. However, seeing how successful the Audi A5 and the BMW 3 Series coupe was, Mercedes attempted to enter the foray with a coupe version of its popular C-Class sedan. Despite the previous Sport Coupe’s individual style, the latest C-Class coupe looks like the sedan with two doors chopped off. Available in C250, C350, C63 AMG versions, this Coupe attempts to lure younger buyers to the brand unlike the unsuccessful Sport Coupe. Continue reading

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