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2 Year Anniversary!

Pilot 6

Hello RNR Automotive Blog Readers! Two years ago on this date, this blog was created. I know that this year, I have been less frequent in publishing reviews, and I wanted to apologize for that. School keeps me busy, and so does work, and unfortunately, that has left me little time to do anything else, let alone write reviews for my blog. However, I haven’t forgot about you guys, so I will try my best to work harder at bringing you these reviews for you to read! I have great cars for you read about. I’ll let the cat out of the bag just so you can know what to expect in upcoming reviews: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, E60 BMW 550i manual, 2015 Scion TC manual, 2015 Lexus IS250, 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300, 2015 Ford Focus ST manual, 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX manual, 1965 Ford Mustang, 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R manual, and many more.  My schedule next semester will be much easier and will allow for more free time, so hang in there! In the meantime, I will do my best to get these reviews underway. With that said, I just want to thank you guys for another great year for the blog. Without your support, the blog would not be with it is today. I want to thank my family and friends for their support. I personally want to thank my friend Miranda for always helping me out as my unofficial editor of the blog. Without her input, my blog would probably be filled with numerous grammar errors. With that out of the way, for last year’s anniversary, I did a review of my 2004 Honda Pilot. This year, I will post pictures from Fall Break that I enjoyed with a couple of friends. Update: Neela (that’s her name) just hit 182,000 miles! And she is still running. 🙂 (Hope I didn’t jinx it). I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks again for your support! Here’s to another great year!  Continue reading

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RNR Automotive Blog is now 1 year old!

DSC_0001 ready

Wow! Today’s date is the exact date that I created this blog a year ago. The picture above is my first ever review I posted on the blog. I expected this blog to be a hobby that I would work on once a week, but my, how wrong I was. Doing this blog changed from a hobby into doing something that I love. This blog has become a part of my life. I love being able to have the opportunity to drive all kinds of cars. One of the reasons I created this blog was because of the hype is on fancy and exotic cars that we can’t afford, and I thought it would be neat if I could make everyday cars cooler in a sense. It is like I am giving an ordinary car a story with pictures. Who thought a Camry could look cool standing in front of the mountains? But best of all, I love to write, and I love cars, so this blog is one of the best things that have happened to me. If I am not out there reviewing cars, I am writing a review. My personal best is five cars in one day.  I love working on this blog to the point that if I don’t do the actual review of a car for a number of weeks,  I start to miss it. I cannot believe the amount of support I’ve had from my friends and family on this blog. My mother even had me review the cars of the employees of her office, and I have friends who are finding me cars to review without me even having to ask them. This kind of support is what makes this blog so enjoyable. Most of all, I want to thank the readers of this blog for their everlasting support.  Never would I have thought I would have had the chance to drive some truly amazing cars, from a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle to a 2012 Nissan GT-R. As of today’s date, I have 20 thousand views from the U.S alone, and about 5,000 from other countries. To commemorate this anniversary, I have decided to do a review of my own car. For some reason, I never thought to review my own car. And…. my car is a 2004 Honda Pilot EX-L. Review is coming soon 🙂 I compiled a gallery of the best car pictures I have done for this blog. I hope you like it.  And if you want to keep up with me via social media, my Instagram is rnrautoblog. Thanks everybody for helping me keep RNR Automotive Blog a reality! As you might know, I am a manual transmission advocate, and I have a manual transmission tab for reviews of such cars. I am pleased to announce that I have done 27 manual cars, and surprising ones at that such as a 2008 Honda Accord EX sedan and a 2006 Audi A4.  Save the manuals! (Seriously, get a stick) On a side note, I would like to thank my friend, Carlton for helping me create this blog (He’s an amazing photographer. Check out his website ) and my friend Miranda M. for being my unofficial editor on this blog.

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