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2013 BMW X5 XDrive35i Review

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Just like many other SUVs on sale today, the X5’s birth was a result of the SUV boom in the late 1990s. When BMW acquired Land Rover in 1994, it commenced development on their own SUV. BMW looked at the Land Rover Range Rover’s technology which was incorporated during the X5’s development. In fact, the first generation X5 utilized a split rear liftgate similar to the Range Rover’s as well as shared its technology and electronics. The rest of the X5 was taken from the 5 Series sedan. Unlike other SUVs which boasted their off road prowess, the X5 placed emphasis on its on road ability with claims of carlike handling and comfort. BMW dubbed the X5 as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV). Given that the SUV market was clamoring for luxury SUVs, the X5 was a runaway success when it launched in 1999. The X5 was praised for its sporty handling, quality interior, and its quick acceleration. It was also the first and last X5 to be available with a manual transmission. In 2006, BMW redesigned the X5, and unlike the first, this second generation utilized only BMW technologies. In BMW speak, the X5 underwent a “Life Cycle Impulse” (facelift) in 2011. Continue reading

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