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2008 Honda Accord EX Review


I grew up in what you might call a Honda family. We had a 1988 Honda Civic DX, 1995 Honda Odyssey LX, and a 2004 Honda Pilot EXL. We kept each of the Hondas for as least 6 years. The 2004 Honda Pilot is still in our family, and it is running strong at 158k miles. In 2002, my father was originally going to get the Honda Accord, but due to its age, he got the Toyota Camry which was brand new at the time instead. As the fourth best selling car in America, the Accord came to fruition in 1976 as a hatchback. It instantly became a successful as it responded well to America’s need for a fuel efficient family car. The success continued as the Accord continued with its generations. The Accord was redesigned in 2008.  Compared to the previous Accords, the Accord has grown in size and was now classified as a large sedan by the EPA, and it placed more emphasis on comfort and refinement. Continue reading

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