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2013 Porsche Boxster Review

boxster 9

Although the 911 remains the most iconic sports car in Porsche’s lineup, the Boxster is popular due to its title as Porsche’s most affordable sports car. In the 1990s, Porsche experienced financial trouble as its 911 was too expensive, and interest in their cars were waning. The solution was to make an entry level sports car that would slot in below the 911 in terms of performance and price. Using styling cues from old Porsche models and all new engines and technologies, the Boxster debuted in 1997. With a price more attainable than the 911, the Boxster made Porsche relevant. With a mid engine layout, the Boxster provided unparallelled handling brilliance. I got the opportunity to review a 2001 Porsche Boxster S, and I was amazed at its handling and performance. The second generation debuted in 2005, and the Cayman, a coupe version of the Boxster, was introduced. The Boxster was redesigned again in 2012. Having got to drive the 2001, I was interested to see how this 2013 measured up.

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