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2008 Hyundai Sonata SE V6 Review

sonata 5

True Hyundai purists will argue that the second generation Sonata is the original Sonata. The first Sonata, introduced in 1985, was nothing more than a revised Stellar with an upgraded engine. It was never sold in the US market due to not meeting emission standards. After only two years, Hyundai discontinued the Sonata due to poor sales. However, as Hyundai expanded in the US, it revived the Sonata name for its family sedan. While later generations of the Sonata were competent, they still fell prey to the stereotype of Korean cars: cheap, boring, rubbish. It was not until the fifth generation (2004-2009) that the Sonata became a real contender in the midsize sedan class. Boasting great value for the money, the fifth generation aimed to compete against the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry while offering great value for the money.

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