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2013 Tesla Model S Review

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Founded in California, Tesla’s first product was the 2008 all-electric Roadster derived from the Lotus Elise. Due to its high asking price and its compromised driveability, the Roadster was not the success that Tesla hoped for. In 2012, The Model S was launched. In contrast to the Roadster’s two seat configuration, the Model S is an electric sedan built from the ground up. Instead of using a conventional gasoline engine, the Model S relies on a battery accompanied by a motor. Tesla did not just innovate the modern sedan, it also changed the buying experience. Instead of buying from franchised dealers, consumers are able to test and order their Teslas from dedicated showrooms (think Apple Stores). Initially, I did not warm up to the idea of the electric car as I found the idea of a car running purely on electricity alien to me. But when given the opportunity to review my very first electric car, I could not say no. Continue reading

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