2011 Ford Mustang V6 Photoshoot

mustang 20

Remember this car? This was one of the first cars I’ve reviewed on this blog. You can check out the review here. I was stumbling through my pictures and I came across these. My friend and I had some time to kill in the summer, so why not have an impromptu photo shoot? My friend and I had a lot of memories in this car. I still remember the noise it makes when it hits 3,000 rpm, and the slippery leather seats. I remember they were slippery because my friend has the Mustang Driver Complex which means Fast and Furious is his style of driving. Anyways, it handles well, the six speed manual is smooth, and the styling is spot on. It is a sweet ride. Hope you like the pictures!

On a side note, for anybody into German cars, check out my friend’s blog http://germanluxurycarss.com/ !

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6 thoughts on “2011 Ford Mustang V6 Photoshoot

  1. llsphotos says:

    Wow, these photos really show the details and curves of the stang! Much credit to you!

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  3. Thanks for stopping by at DTW. Those are some appealing and slick images. The Mustang strikes me as rather too large in all dimensions. What do you feel about the Charger?

  4. […] a dilemma, do I like the Camaro more than the Ford Mustang? I texted my best friend who drives a 2011 Mustang, and I told him how much I liked the Camaro, and he was like, “Which do you like better? The […]

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