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2010 Porsche Panamera S Review

panamera 2

As a company known for making only sports cars, Porsche shocked the automotive industry when it introduced its first ever SUV, the Cayenne, in 2003. This move upset Porsche purists who believed that Porsche was selling out, and that it should stick to making sports cars only. However, money speaks for itself. The Porsche Cayenne was an instant success, and it quickly became Porsche’s best selling vehicle (still is). It makes sense. Consumers were ditching minivans and sedans for the SUV, and prioritize a high driving position and the SUV image. When you put the Porsche badge on the type of vehicle in demand, you get an instant success. After the Cayenne, Porsche wanted to expand its company. They came up with the idea of a performance sedan that would take on BMW and Mercedes-Benz. As usual, this incited rage from Porsche purists, and it did not help that an automatic transmission would be the only transmission available in the US.¬†When the Panamera debuted in 2010, it was criticized for its styling. But it had the Porsche badge on a practical sedan. Like the Cayenne, it also became an instant success. I have always wanted to drive a Porsche Panamera ever since it came out just to see if it did drive like a Porsche. Fun fact about this car: this Panamera was the third model sold in America, and it was ordered a year before it was delivered.

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2013 Porsche Boxster Review

boxster 9

Although the 911 remains the most iconic sports car in Porsche’s lineup, the Boxster is popular due to its title as Porsche’s most affordable sports car. In the 1990s, Porsche experienced financial trouble as its 911 was too expensive, and interest in their cars were waning. The solution was to make an entry level sports car that would slot in below the 911 in terms of performance and price. Using styling cues from old Porsche models and all new engines and technologies, the Boxster debuted in 1997. With a price more attainable than the 911, the Boxster made Porsche relevant. With a mid engine layout, the Boxster provided unparallelled handling brilliance. I got the opportunity to review a 2001 Porsche Boxster S, and I was amazed at its handling and performance. The second generation debuted in 2005, and the Cayman, a coupe version of the Boxster, was introduced. The Boxster was redesigned again in 2012. Having got to drive the 2001, I was interested to see how this 2013 measured up.

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2001 Porsche Boxster S Review

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Even though Porsche is thriving, and it is currently the most profitable subsidiary of Volkswagen, (Volkswagen owns Porsche), it wasn’t always this way. In the early 1990s, Porsche experienced financial struggles due to the economic recession and lack of exciting and new models. The 911 was notorious as a world famous sports car, but it did not sell enough to offset Porsche’s monetary issues. The solution to this was to build an affordable sports car that could sell more units than the 911 while retaining high profitability. Enter the Boxster. Introduced for the model year 1997, the Boxster renewed Porsche’s importance. Four years after the Boxster’s debut, Porsche’s volume quadrupled. Continue reading

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