Introducing a new segment: Readers’ Stories

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Hey guys, I recently had an idea after doing a review of my car. I think it would be cool for readers of this blog to share stories of their cars. Everybody drives a car that is special to them, and it is different for everybody. Just like how my Honda Pilot is special to me, everybody has different opinions on why they care about their cars, regardless of public perception. Most people consider the Honda Pilot as an average family SUV, but to me, this car is more than that. I’ve had a good ten years with this Pilot, and many memories were made.  I am doing this because I think it would be interesting for me and my readers to read about one’s personal connection to their cars.If you want to share your story about your car, this is all you have to do: 

1) Include the year, model, make, trim, powertrain (engine and transmission) , mileage of your car

2) Include pictures of your car (if you want me to block the license plates, tell me!)

3) Submit a writeup of your car. Explain why it is special to you, what is the story behind it? Why did you get this car? What adventures have you had with this car, what is this car like, etc. Anything that is relevant that you feel the readers should know. Include a brief description of how the car drives as well.

4) If you wish to participate, email, and I will publish it exactly as you wrote it, and you will be given complete credit. If you have a WordPress blog, I will include a link to it in your post as well.

5) Common sense rules apply: no profanity, no inappropriate or irrelevant pictures. Keep the writeup focused on the car, no discrimination of any sort. Be respectful.

6) Have fun with it! Tell us why this car is special to you.

7) Be sure to specify in the email who you want me to give credit to. I’ll write something like “this story is written by John S and his Chevrolet car.”

I just published the first Readers’ Stories post, so that should give you an idea of what Readers’ Stories is all about. I can’t wait to see what everybody has to say. I look forward to reading your stories 🙂



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7 thoughts on “Introducing a new segment: Readers’ Stories

  1. Helen says:

    Hi Ruben…how about you doing a review on my ’11 lacrosse? Tx

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